• Projects

    Flower growers

    Healthier roots of plants and flowers with oxygen nanobubbles

    Water treatment

    Deep water oxygenation and algae control with oxygen nano bubbles




    Improving bakery products and reducing the use of chemicals with oxygen nanobubbles

    Flower shops

    Longer shelf life for flowers with oxygen and nitrogen nanobubbles

    Fish farms

    Improve water quality of fish farm with oxygen nanobubbles

    Transport of life fish

    Transport fish alive with oxygen and CO2 nanobubbles

    Fish processing companies

    Disinfecting fish with ozone nanobubbles

    Fish shops

    Longer shelf life for fish with nitrogen nanobubbles

    Wellness centers

    Improved blood circulation with CO2 nanobubbles


    Protect membranes with oxygen nanobubbles


    Administer oxygen water for improving blood oxygen levels

    Avocado oil

    Reduce oxidation with hydrogen nanobubbles